Recent Web Paint Smart reviews : Page 15

  • 25.3.2020

    Ive Been Using This Since i was in 6th Grade and iv’e Always Loved it. I have created Master Pieces with this tool ans i wish i could share it with yall. Id like to see Top_Ext Make a Web Paint Art Club where people can share what they have drawn. I really like this extension and honestly i just use it to doodle around on my Keyboard from time to time. And Now My School has Set it as a Defualt Extension for all computers! I think this extension has prepared me for my stride into Art as a Part time Career option. also Some HELPFUL TIPS: You cant use the paint-bucket Tool on colors that arnt completely bright. Things like white or fully bright of any color will fill, but black or darker colors wont work. Using the Mouse tool after using the Polygon tool will cause the tip of the last made line to make a line to the Origin. Placing Text Down can cause white dots to appear under the text. Be sure to Hold Down Space when down typing text so the white Dots go off screen. If you use the Curve Tool and Click down on a point you can then make your own controlled straight line without click dragging for more Accurate Placing. Alot of times You see things you want to Erase but the Eraser tool Deletes too Much. For these scenarios just use white thin line or a line the color of your background. Theres more tips i can add but this review is turning into a Article so ill end it here. 5 star Extension!

  • 17.3.2020

    Excellent extension, very useful for us teachers of online courses. Congratulations Google !. Cease Easy to Make

  • 16.1.2020

    Hi This is a great too. Can I integrate this tool with our web application? We have an online exam application and we are currently using a drawing tool for the student to mark on questions, shapes, diagrams, etc. The tool has some limitation. Can we integrate your plugin with our web application? Thanks

  • 12.12.2019

    Awesome app, can you please add a prebuilt arrow drawing? Need to use that a lot. like a straight line, but with one of the ends having an arrow

  • 29.11.2019

    I’ve been using this for live online tutorials and it’s an excellent, simple drawing tool - I had a friend create a blank webpage so I can draw on a clean page so it might be nice to have the extension include something like that? I also love the export feature for the drawings which I can supply to my students later if they request it.

  • 12.11.2019

    Nice extesion; if you have to switch from the maker tool to the selector tool you can do that. You can change the size and color plus use the tools like the selector and eraser. I like to use this for my homework mainly!!

  • 29.10.2019

    Good when I am doing my math homework and if you right click it you can do things with it like change the default color or donate,

  • 27.10.2019

    This is great. It is FREE (thank you) and while not feature rich, it does what it says it does and it is super handy.

  • 8.10.2019

    It’s a very very useful tool! Please continue to develop this extension in order to make it better and better… it’s like reading a page of a book with the possibility of highlighting important things and taking note…

  • 11.3.2019

    Hey, thanks for the excellent extension. Simple, light and does exactly what it promises. I have a minor issue though. I’m using the pencil tool (with 60% transparency) to highlight text in a long website. Is there a limit to the size of the page on which it works? After scrolling about 2 a4 sizes down, the pencil icon changes back to cursor for a small area of text. It works fine just further below. To reproduce the issue try using the pencil tool on this page: Search for the text “arbitrary and unreasonable” on this page. The pencil changes to regular mouse cursor around this part. This problem occurs in a couple of places more on the same page. It seems to be an issue of the canvas size or something. Hope to see this getting fixed!