Recent Web Paint Smart reviews : Page 18

  • 5.7.2016

    Really nice! I can just type fat colorful text on any webpage, crop it, copy the image, then place the image in a document in my own file system.

  • 20.5.2016

    Wow, found this and have had a ply. Web Paint has changed the way I present online. Brilliant, well done guys.

  • 6.5.2016

    Excellent. Exactly the thing you need if you want to make straight lines on digital graphs or annotate things

  • 29.4.2016

    Haha This is a great extension! I was going to post a picture of me writing great on this app but I cant post pictures lol!

  • 15.4.2016

    This is a great extension. Fully functional straight out of the “box”. Not sure about the negative reviews, maybe they don’t have a touch screen? I’m on a Chromebook Pixel 2015.

  • 11.11.2015

    This tool can draw using the pencil tool, box thoo, shape tool, and you can even export it by taking a screenshot and cropping it.

  • 4.1.2015

    I love it I always use this program to draw on websites, keep on working on it to make it even better! :)