Recent Web Paint Smart reviews : Page 2

  • 19.2.2023

    Excellent google extension, if they manage to insert the modification of the transparency of an object it is the top of the top, congratulations!!

  • 9.2.2023

    I have found it very useful. I’m not sure if I am not if I’m missing a step, how to start fresh when I open it again so that I don’t have the same edits each time I open it over a new screen. Because I may be missing a step here, I have to manually erase the previous edits saved each time. Despite this, the tool has helped me a great deal and I like that you can make screen shot.

  • 21.1.2023

    Nice, but contains too much and may make your device lay, especially while using a low quality school laptop.

  • 30.12.2022

    the best one, because it has an option to use the curser and react with the page while still seeing the markers. good job thanks

  • 19.12.2022

    I love this app. I just wish they make the biggest marker size a whole lot bigger. The 100% size is not very big…

  • 17.12.2022

    I love how I can draw on any tab! although i wish they added more to it. It is cool how it can help me answer questions during school and so on! I would also like to just be able to write on the whole screen and not just the tab though…

  • 13.12.2022

    Amazing. Have been using this since the fifth grade (about 5 years). However, it keeps asking me to rate it whenever I install on a computer.

  • 13.12.2022

    Love this extension. Great for marketing professionals who need to mark up proofs or capture web details! Great tool.

  • 7.12.2022

    this is very useful. the good thing is that, it saves the drawings/data of drawing, it’s easier to use, many useful and cool mechanics/features. thanks for making this. it made my life and lessons easier.

  • 6.12.2022

    Cara, boa demais pra tu marcar texto em site e fazer questões. Testei vários marcadores e esse foi o único que me atendeu. Simples e usual. Recomendo! Pretty good extension to solve questions, study and read text. I’ve tried other markups extensions but this one was THE one. Pretty simple and usefull! I recomend!