Recent Web Paint Smart reviews : Page 4

  • 15.8.2023

    it is easy in use and this supports on all laptops and one thing make this diffrent is that it works smoot hly

  • 9.8.2023

    I liked it a lot, but didn’t like the review prompt ui. I also wish that in the settings it had the option of reverting to cursor automatically when the control panel is hidden. Also the paint bucket function is a bit wonky, hard to tell which part of the icon fills in the colour, and it doesn’t seem to fill in properly, or where there is colour already it doesn’t fill in at all.

  • 11.7.2023

    Before using Painty, my workflow for marking or drawing specific details on websites involved taking a screenshot and using the editing tool on my Macbook, which was quite cumbersome. However, with Painty, I can now conveniently mark and draw details directly in the browser before capturing the screenshot. This process has become much simpler and user-friendly thanks to Painty’s ease of use.

  • 25.6.2023

    Works great, just hit the pointer control to regain ability to interact with screen normally. It also has tooltips if you hover on the controls, which is nice. The ability to add text is particularly nice and makes my notes readable, lol.

  • 21.6.2023

    Gostaria de expressar meu apreço por esta extensão do navegador Microsoft Edge. Estou atualmente empenhado em me preparar para um concurso, e essa ferramenta tem se mostrado essencial para o meu processo de aprendizado. Ao enfrentar as questões diárias que faço, a extensão tem sido de grande utilidade.

  • 20.6.2023

    Только установил расширение, но уже вижу пользу данного приложения: раньше ,чтобы что-то подчеркнуть или обвести нужно было делать скриншот и потом запихивать его в пеинт, но это не очень удобно. А сейчас действия по работе по выделению гораздо проще. В общем советую

  • 14.6.2023

    Desde que passei a usar esta ferramenta, a maneira como eu interajo com as questões pra melhor, muito bom, indico.

  • 12.6.2023

    por enquanto o melhor que achei para resolver questões, só a escrita com a caneta deixa meio distorcido mas muito bom

  • 27.5.2023

    советую всем, кто готовиться к егэ/огэ онлайн, очень удобно делать пометки/вставлять орфограммы/запятые

  • 23.5.2023

    Very simple annotation on websites. Not familiar with this type of app before so I’m impressed. A downside is that the drawings and text that you add on top of the page isn’t selectable anymore after you deselect it. You can only erase it then.