Recent Web Paint Smart reviews : Page 5

  • 29.11.2021

    I actually surprised by how underrated this extension is because personally I think this is the best web paint tool extension on chrome. This extension saved my online teaching. Thank you.

  • 25.11.2021

    It allows to paint on web page as a canvas. Page scrolling is still enabled, so you can fully use the page as regular - just select a cursor mode

  • 16.11.2021

    I love this extension. It makes writing my thoughts down more accessible. I think the developers could add a text option to make writing thoughts easier. Overall, it’s a great app!

  • 7.11.2021

    excelente! ferramenta simples, fluida e objetiva. Exatamente o que eu precisava para resolver questões de concurso online. Gostaria de sugerir que funcionasse também em pdfs no navegador

  • 26.8.2021

    Great extension but seems to hijacked my new tab and there is no option to change it in my Edge browser.

  • 28.7.2021

    This is so cool. I searched for a while to find out what I want. This exactly what I need. Thank you very much!

  • 14.6.2021

    Great! I like it because you can draw striate lines and VERY good precision. And you should use it for everything you need to write online! You can change the default options here: chrome-extension://jfiihjeimjpkpoaekpdpllpaeichkiod/options.html Everything else is great I suggest you add the extension now!

  • 25.5.2021

    This is great. I was looking for a tool simply allowing me to draw lines, and write key words, just like marking things on a white board with computer screen projection. However most other commercial tools not only expensive but also too fancy to use. Now with this extension I can do the same on my digital learning environment as I did in the classroom. It’s exactly what I need at the moment. Thank you!

  • 10.5.2021

    Works well and has a lot of options. There’s also a small error: Transparency should be renamed to Opacity. 100% transparency would mean that you can’t see the marker at all, but it seems to be inverted.

  • 7.5.2021

    This is an EASY too to use and recommend this to anyone! They also don’t overly advertise and put their brand everywhere! There are some downs, Like not all pages are supported but from what I have seen they are just main google pages (like the chrome store and new tab)