Recent Web Paint Smart reviews : Page 5

  • 19.5.2023

    Only downside is that it kept interrupting me to write a review. App works well, better than others I’ve tried.

  • 3.5.2023

    This is a great tool for teaching! I really like that the markings scroll up with the page rather than staying in the same spot on the screen. Very helpful for an online classroom!

  • 2.5.2023

    So useful, I use it for studying all the time. I do wish that the highlighter worked but other than that it works well. easy and convenient would recommend

  • 24.4.2023

    Handy App and I love it. Performance could be better. Shortcuts are useless as Ctrl + Shift triggers browser’s own shortcuts. Please make it flexible to use other keys.

  • 20.4.2023

    I knew this thing was cool, then I realized it was amazing when you can take colors from the screen. That’s a really cool feature.

  • 18.4.2023

    This Extension Is amazing, useful to not forget numbers for school. One Suggestion, add a move and scale tool.

  • 26.3.2023

    Helps me visualize things easier using this tool such as chart patterns. I enjoy using it constantly.

  • 21.3.2023

    This is the best web paint tool for when writing, and using your chromebook. Really helps with school.

  • 18.3.2023

    Muito bom, recomendo, super fácil e minimalista, não precisa ser um mago pra saber mexer e o melhor, ELE FUNCIONA!!! pelo menos no meu computador, porque todos as outras extensões com o mesmo objetivo de desenhar na tela, nenhuma funcionou pra mim, não achei nenhum defeito ou bug por enquanto, então 5 estrelas.

  • 17.3.2023

    Extrem praktisch, da ich nichts installiere brauche und auch nicht die Rechte dafür an unserer Schule hätte. Ich benutze zum Beispiel in Mathematik, wenn ich in einem Online Blätterbuch bin und es keine Zeichentools gibt.