Recent Web Paint Smart reviews : Page 6

  • 4.5.2021

    As a teacher this year, having to do much teaching remotely, this has been extremely helpful. Doing physics problems, I am able to write in multiple colors, it has a great feature for drawing straight lines (hold shift and click one point and then another), an eraser to take out smaller parts, and trash to clear it all. Hitting escape lets you back out of the extension to again be able to navigate the page. You can use the screenshot tool that comes with it to save your drawings (or use your normal screenshot tools to capture part of it). I use it in zoom to show students how to do problems, mark up homework images that they have uploaded, highlight important things on web pages and more. There are probably tools with more functions, but this does exactly what I need and keeps things simple by being able to engage it with a click of the pen icon and get out with the esc key. Thank you!

  • 3.4.2021

    Wow! This is amazing. Usually when I use stuff like this It will follow my cursor it’s amazing. 5 Stars!

  • 2.4.2021

    my favorite extension for drawing on webpages. very simple design. would suggest drawing with right click acts as eraser while still on the marker tool.

  • 31.3.2021

    I use this for all my school work, I can also use this to black out things before taking a screenshot. I love this, and the fact that it has a cursor option to edit the page is amazing! I honestly don’t understand why this isn’t rated 5-stars, it is totally useable! Espessially when I have math to do, and I have to cross out numbers, it is AMAZING! I wouldn’t use any other extension besides this one, it fits all my needs and it’s easy to use.

  • 18.3.2021

    This app is amazing I can draw on my screen no problem and you have a mouse button so you can still click on your screen I thought this was going to turn out bad but instead i was great!

  • 10.3.2021

    I really like this extension; it’s worked well for me, which has been especially nice during a time when sometimes nothing else does. Personally, I think that adding a text feature could help this extension grow even more popular, as that is something I’ve found myself wanting at times. Another suggestion I have would be to adjust the straight line feature to include a preview of the line you will draw, instead of having a dot system, so the user could see what their line will look like (maybe allow users to switch this in settings?). Overall, great job, and congratulations on so many users, the simplicity of this extension makes it easy to use and enjoy.

  • 8.3.2021

    thanks. it’s fantastic. is it mark mop? i wish it had a shortcut to :: but i can just open it then use web paint on it. if you could actually compile java like that into it.. or maybe plug them with an internet shortcut baring their name i use this quite a bit. i still “use ms paint brush” but i am using web paint more and more.

  • 14.2.2021

    I really love page marker! This has helped me so much with math, and I don’t care how there’s a default color, I just don’t want to have to right on a desk, or find a paper.

  • 7.2.2021

    Проверил около пяти инструментов для рисования в браузере. Этот лучший. Чистый интерфейс. Минимум лишних кнопок. Стабильно работает. Нравится, что привязывает нарисованное в браузере к конкретному месту страницы, поэтому когда скроллишь рисунок двигается со страницей.

  • 6.2.2021

    It’s been a few years since I downloaded it- and as updates kept happening, the designs and some of the buttons (things you can do) changed. It became better and I’m glad the eyedrop (the color thing?) came back, as I use this app for idly drawing while watching something on a video platform. I also like the new marker that was added recently.